6 years

Life seems to love demonstrating how much pain we can tolerate before we break. We withstand hellish battles only to be shown that we are stronger than the demons we face. Although sometimes, those demons are so big and so powerful that we, as humans, and as advanced as our technologies may be, cannot overcome them. And with these overpowering demons come pain. So much pain that it spreads through everyone involved in the life of the person in midst of the battle. Pain that lives on within the friends and family of the victim, even after the satanic attack takes their soul. 

When the victim is taken from us, we try our hardest to remember them when they were healthy, happy and battle free. We push the memories of their suffering to the back of our mind. Yet every year on the anniversary of their passing we see their face in our minds. We see their favourite color everywhere we go. We think about the last time we saw them, and our hearts ache as they did when we first heard the news. 

Every year, we hope the pain will lessen. We hope that perhaps this time we will remember them with joy for their once being, not with pain, mourning the loss of their beautiful soul. 

And every year,

It still hurts. 


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