I sat and stared as the hours passed ever so slowly. Time seemed to have stood still. People passed by without acknowledgement.

“Have a good night” I repeated to every passer by; Very rarely receiving a response.

The night grew darker and the number of guests in the lobby shrunk from few to none. Again I sat and stared, waiting for time to pass. I realized in my time of thought just how painful this job had become. Going hours, sometimes days without a single “thank you” or motion of thankfulness, had begun wearing on my soul.

It didn’t seem like much of an importance, but to me it was. Aiding strangers in their vacation arrangements was just about as fun as a cold sore on a first date. I watched people laugh and smile their way through the lobby, but never at me.

“Enjoy your stay” I added with a counterfeit smile. They grabbed their room keys and headed toward their designated rooms, without a response.

Each night I wondered why I did this to myself. But then I thought, it wouldn’t be so bad if people knew how hard this job was. Yet, I continued to smile as guests passed by my work station. Every unreturned smile tearing away a piece of my pride.

Be kind. Be caring. The person behind the desk is just that, a person. There’s a problem with your room? Tell them. They will try their hardest to fix it for you. If they can’t? Then they can’t. We are all human, some things are simply out of our control. We, as humans, need reassurance in many big and small forms.

The tourism industry is one heck of a hard field to handle. So be thoughtful. Take the .3 seconds it takes to return the simple smiles you are given.

Be human.


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