“Thirteen Reasons Why” mended my broken soul

If you haven’t gotten caught up in the hype of Netflix’s new series “Thirteen Reasons Why”, I suggest you get cozy on the couch and prepare for a heart wrenching addiction. In short summary; This eye-opening show brings you along the journey of a teenage boy mourning the death of a 17 year old girl named Hannah, who took her own life as a result of severe bullying and loneliness. I won’t reveal any details, you’ll just have to watch the show to find out what the rave is all about.

When my sister first mentioned this series, I didn’t think I would be able to watch it considering the memories I knew it would trigger. Despite my fear of feeling as worthless as I once did, I got brave enough to try. It wasn’t always easy to watch but I will always be glad I did; Not only is it a brilliant attempt at demonstrating how bullying can have such a negative and serious effect on one’s life, but it pushed me to come to terms with my past.

As mentioned in previous posts, my younger years were not necessarily ideal. Not only did I struggle with mental illness, but also with exterior demons whom I better knew as my peers.

“Don’t worry, they don’t mean what they say. It’ll blow over”

Guess what? It never “blew over”. I heard this many times from the school guidance counsellor when seeking someone to dig me out of the dirt with which my peers buried me. Name calling, rumours, body shaming, manipulating, just to name a few daily occurrences from my teenage years. After graduation, I decided no one would ever know how awful my years in school truly were. I decided they would never have to know of the things the bullies said about me, how the boys liked to think I was easy, or how I thought about committing suicide every single night. Needless to say, this didn’t last very long. The sleepless nights, the flashbacks, the shame, it was more than I could take. 4 years into the real world, I decided to no longer resort to suicidal ideations and to finally get my story off my chest, so I told the people closest to me.

Watching Thirteen Reasons Why validated everything I felt in high school, which wasn’t easy to recall and relive as I followed the grievous life of Hannah Baker. As difficult as this was, the series left me with a feeling of certainty that I was one hell of a warrior for making it through what I did. I now feel a sense of accomplishment for fighting those dark thoughts and making it into my 22nd year of this beautiful life I lead. Had it not been for this profound show I would still be troubled with deep-routed pain linked to my past.


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