You just know

“How do you know when you’re in love?” I asked my mom at the ripe age of 11. “You just know” was her response. I spent the next 7 years trying so hard to understand what she meant. I rushed myself trying to find someone to love, resulting in plenty of broken hearts and “loving” the wrong people. Little did I know, love comes when you stop searching for it.

I’m not going to spend another post telling the story about how my boyfriend walked into my life at the perfect time; but rather give a little expose on the things that made me finally “just know”.

  1. He never made me feel inferior
  2. We put equal efforts into our relationship
  3. He never told me to stop having fun
  4. He encouraged my relationships with others
  5. He supported me in every aspect of my life

I could go on for pages, but let’s get right to it.

If they don’t make you feel like the best you that you can be, they’re not the one. The one will hold you tight when you’re feeling overly emotional and you’re crying over spilled milk. The one will NEVER tell you your dreams are stupid; in fact, they’ll encourage you to chase them.

In the end, YOU are the only person who truly suffers the repercussions of your decisions. So stop hanging on to that person who was perfect in the beginning, but has since faded to someone whom you now resent. Don’t let your desire to be in love keep you from getting out there and actually finding it. Because when you do,

You just know.



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