Nervous, scared, sleepless, speechless. A list of only a few things people battling anxiety have to deal with. But what about those break downs? And I mean REALLY bad break downs.

You’re getting ready to go visit family members like you do every Sunday. You get your things packed, your puppy ready, and load everything in the car only to realize you don’t have your wallet, so no license. If that isn’t bad enough, you realize you have no gas and all your money is in that wallet. Your anxiety sinks in and the tears begin to rise. You call your boyfriend who informs you that your wallet is in fact in his car 17 miles away and you don’t have enough gas to get there. Normally, you would just take your things inside, call your mom to tell her the news and go about your day. But with anxiety? It’s not that easy. You go inside, unpack your things and your puppy, sit on the couch and try to ease your mind. And then it all sets in; the horrifying idealisations that anxiety places in your innocent mind. “What if this were the last time you got to see a family member?” “What if your family gets in an accident on their way to lunch?”. Now let’s be real, how do you calm your mind after thoughts like that? So you think. And think. And just about drive yourself insane and cry out all the tears in your body. Until finally, you realize your old familiar friend anxiety is playing an awful trick on you again, so you try to rationalize your thoughts. When you’ve been dealing with anxiety for most of your life, you eventually learn what it takes to push the unfortunately common morbid thoughts out of your mind.

And when it’s finally all over; The thoughts, the heavy breathing, the crying, the shaking. You are EXHAUSTED and it’s time to take your mind to a place where anxiety is but a myth.

To all the people living with anxiety, you are a WARRIOR.



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